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Kennesaw Mountain- Georgia

Tucked away inside the suburbs of Atlanta, you will find a gorgeous oasis known as Kennesaw Mountain. This retreat from the concrete jungle of Atlanta is a great escape. While it may not be the biggest mountain or even the most trying mountain to climb, Kennesaw Mountain is a very fun time for expert climbers and novices alike.

The hike up Kennesaw Mountain is easy enough. The path up is laid over with gravel most of the way, so it is perfect for an easy day hike; or even a nice trail run. I have done it all at Kennesaw. At one time or another, I have hiked it, ran it and biked it. In the otherwise urban sprawl of Atlanta and the suburbs, this peaceful retreat is one of the only natural spaces within a close distance.

The hike to the summit is easy enough, but the real challenge lies on the other side of the mountain. There you will find miles of trails that take you through dense forests into boulder filled canyons. The towering oak trees overhead offer a glimpse into the natural foliage of Atlanta, and along the way you will enjoy beautiful vistas overlooking the city and the communities just outside the city. The view from the top is especially enchanting; the skyline of Atlanta is clearly visible and even Stone Mountain can be seen in the distance.

What makes Kennesaw Mountain a real gem is the history. Along the trail up the mountain, you can stop and revel in the many artifacts left from the Civil War. From cannons to strategic strongholds, signs and stories tell the tale of what Kennesaw Mountain meant to the Confederate army. There is also a vast park and museum where you can soak up all the history of the mountain. On my many trips to the mountain, I have taken part in a variety of activities. From makeshift games to organized events– including bird watching to trail blazing– you can do almost anything at Kennesaw Mountain.

The activities available at Kennesaw Mountain make it a great place to go for a solo hike or a chance to take the family out for a day of fun in the sun. And for those who just want to look out over the beautiful Georgia landscape, there is a paved road that will take you to the top. You may not be able to enjoy the toil of the hike, but the vistas will be just as impressive. To put it simply, Kennesaw Mountain holds the key for any visitor or resident of Atlanta to get back out the the great outdoors. Whether its a day hike or just a chance to look out over the Georgia landscape, you will find it at Kennesaw Mountain.

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